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Hey, look, everybody! I'm a cowboy! Howdy, howdy, howdy!

PID: 1815

I'm usually resetting so if you want to borrow an outfit or trade something, I can do it between resets.

I Collect These

These are a few of my favorite things...

Cowboy Gear

Softgloves.png Tengallonhat.png Sharifbadge.png

Sshotgun.png Cowboyshirt.png Minicards.png

Studbelt.png Tokenpant.png Sturdyring.png

Cheesetie.png Oldboot.png Infiniring.png


[Wiki Team]


Gobberwart commends trog on her amazing tongue work

Gobberwart: er... on the frog I mean

cherita: Heh- Freudian slip, Gobb ?

cherita: Morning, CA time

CeruleanArcher: My time?

CommanderMack: Im anti Panthers and anti Cowboys.

Cowboy: :(

DrWolf: You can use me any time you want, Ceru...nudge nudge

art_bohemia: Wait. He lives here and I can't get him to clean the kitchen. wtf?

DrWolf: Yeah, my left nut. I've washed the dishes at least TWICE since I've been here.

Gobberwart: TWICE? In three months? Not bad, man. You should be proud :)

DrWolf: Actually, your math's off. I've been here for just over 2 months. I'm overworked, man.

Grokly: Actually... now that this has been pointed out.....

DrWolf: Fuck.

DrWolf: Looks like I'm gonna need a new place to stay. Anyone need a roommate?

Gobberwart: lmao

DrWolf: ...a roommate that doesn't do dishes?

art_bohemia: ...or wear pants

DrWolf: That was implied.

CeruleanArcher: So here's a question

CeruleanArcher: Boys

Gobberwart: that's not a question

(about saving paper) TROGDORable: front only. screw the environment. who cares if your family is too poor to afford a whole forest

TROGDORable: in my freshman college history class, we had to do a big paper, so i did my report based around the Billy Joel song We Didn't Start the Fire. the paper practically wrote itself and the teacher was pretty impressed cause it wasnt just some boring report

TROGDORable: "whats the diagnosis doc?" "well, i'd say you have terminal laziness. you probably have about 6 weeks to live, but with the increased laziness you're experiencing, it'll probably drag on for a good 10-12 years"

TROGDORable: i think in the objective field on my resume im gonna put "to obtain a job that provides a weekly paycheck sufficient to cover my bills and support my developing drinking problem"

Grokly: Pardon me if I steal Gobb away for a couple mins. :D

TROGDORable: im not done using him yet get in line

/flamewars: Gobberwart: Zamm, learn how to use apostrophes properly!

/flamewars: Zammorak: You'r mother cant' use apostrophe's correctly!

Spiff: everyone must wait i have to pee

Spiff: i dont have an ass

Spiff: Theres a freakin Bat in my house lol

Spiff: puff tha majic dragon

Spiff: i will hurt both of you

DrWolf: Oh, I get it...Star Wars is based on 'Spaceballs'.

Cowboy: downloading some spider game on my ipod

Gobberwart: oh... some spider game. I hear that's a good one.

Gobberwart: not as good as the crazy plumber jumpy and runny game though

TROGDORable: im playing an airplane flying game. but i should really stop and do ironing

Gobberwart: trog, you're in the cockpit of a 747 dumbass

Gobberwart: it's not a "game" and you need to stop taking drugs

TROGDORable: whatever. autopilot

Crimson_Rose: brofe u say, mpisd

TROGDORable: robot unicorns are ruining my life :(

barenakedchicken: email is magic

Sallyfox: I have dial up for my abbacus

Gobberwart: yeah that's what I like about you lot... you're not asshats

Gobberwart: for the most part anyway

Rakkasan: i also like OJ. when they make caffinated oranges, i'll consider stopping drinking coffee.

cowboy: my stomach hurts when I sneeze / clench it :(

cowboy: or poke it...

cowboy: I think i'd about die if someone punched me in the stomach right now...

Zammorak: Test it. For science!

cowboy: owww fuck

cowboy: I hate you zamm

Zammorak: Wait, you followed my advice?

cowboy: Yeah... I didn't punch that hard but ow

Zammorak: It is not my fault if you decide following my advice could possibly end well.

Zammorak: I like to yell at mice with my shirt off!

Zammorak: Wait, what? Pics?

cowboy: Yes zamm

cowboy: gobb took naked pictures of you and now we're all going to laugh at them

Gobberwart: nah, I don't have that much zoom on the camera

Maeglin: Ooo... buuuurn!

Zammorak: Look on the bright side, I'm big in China!

Gobberwart: lol zamm

MrsORaptor: i have just eaten the best burger in the world

MrsORaptor: my BF made it and it was soooooo good

MrsORaptor: i dropped some in my bath though :)

MrsORaptor: it went soggy... my cat ate it

Beanpole: Jake Gyllenhaal

eL_JoEy: hey!? thats MY name!?

cherita removes "F" key from Cowboy's keyboard

cowboy: uck you :( now I can't spell rench ry or horsely or riend

cherita: Lol, that was the point

cherita: But fuck you, too, Cowboy

cowboy: thanks :)

cherita: shit hoe damn fuck

cowboy: hmm why do I like paradox flakes

Sallyfox: the cereal that goes snap, crackle, WTF!! (Frog)

Sallyfox: I take a GOBB full of paradox flakes and WOLF them down...... a ELL of a great way to start the day........

Sallyfox: or...... "I wuz having breakfast at sunrise at brokeback mountain..... my butt hurt like hell, but a bowl of paradox cornflakes set me right for the day

Private to Gobberwart: Have you ever smelled oyster farts? They're gross

Gobberwart (private): Dude, what the fuck?

Gobberwart: here's a tip for everyone... if there are weeds in your yard and you spend a month peeing on them to kill them... It won't work, and then you have to pull them out. Ugh.

cowboy: what the hell?

Maeglin: Did you seriously try to kill them with urine?

cowboy: did you really think that would work?

cowboy: pee is like super fertilizer, except in extreme amounts

Gobberwart: lol... maybe

14:58:42 Maeglin: (He doesn't mean Finding Nemo)

14:58:42 cowboy: I thought you meant Finding Nemo

14:59:08 cowboy: same second^

14:59:08 DiaGeous: High Five

DiaGeous: I'm never going to drink, smoke, or have a girlfriend

16:39:43 SodaFett: yep :)

16:39:43 cowboy: yes :)

Eboli2x4: It's all relative

Gobberwart: like incest

cowboy: what the duck

  • Mod Advice: dont use FOWL words cowboy

Jesus: Ive played KOL for a fairly long time.

Maeglin: I showed your mom a fairly long time.

Jesus: No you didnt Maeg, you've never met my mother, and well, you really wouldnt interest her being so immature

Jesus: also, you have a small penis. HA

Maeglin: What's funny is, I'm not a father! :D

Spiff: your a guy?!

Spiff: gosh my appetite for giving hasnt been satisfied yet

cowboy: I can fill your appetite

cowboy: That's my best pick-up line

Spiff: LOL DENIED im a lesbian sorry cowboy LOL

Sallyfox: Bathey hoorapux paraday

Sallyfox: I dont work well under pressure...........

cowboy: so you are a lesbian seal


pandamonieum: dude cows don't make spam, pigs do

Gobberwart: this wrapping stuff is hard work. I'll never make fun of eminem again.

Arikel always forgets to enter anything

pandamonieum: how do you get into rooms/houses?

pandamonieum: dammit that was laame.

cowboy: that dog is fat

Misty: okay i went out for a smoke and come back TOTALLY lost

DrWolf: I think we all are, darlin' it's ok.

Misty: ooh he called me darlin'

cowboy: he was talking to me

DrWolf: Wow, I can't believe I'm having to say this...but I can't think of a reply.

Zammorak: Cow, how you am be so stupid sometimes?

Sallyfox: so, anyone got a story for the rest of us?? (frog)

cowboy: im pregnant

Blaize: im gobberwart

Duck: im actually a horse

Ragazi: Ohh wife is jerking my chicken tonight!

Ragazi: shes been jerking it the last two days. now she is going to stick it in the oven tonight!

JazzyCat: Ok. This falls under the "Oh no you didn't catagory"...While getting gas in TX a guy looked at my HI plate and asked..."Did you drive all the way here?".....I said" YES"

CommanderMack: Diabetes, the Sugary Sickness by Cowboy.

cowboy: what is rapture thing

Sallyfox: Rapture is what happens when

Sallyfox: you pass level 2 in gift wrapping.......... thats your title A rapture

Private to darkgamr: c Si, senor.

cowboy: fuckin clocks always changing and stuff :(

Gobberwart: i know, it's like they change every fucking SECOND!

cowboy: ow I hate when my foot gets a charlie horse or whatever it's called

buddy: I was told that eating bananas helps for that.

cowboy: it goes away after less than 30 seconds though

buddy: Then eat the banana fast!

cowboy: Wilk is a perfectly acceptable drink.

cowboy: I thought the fact that infinitely sagging boobs exist was interesting

CommanderMack: saggy boobies IN SPACE!

CommanderMack: could be a movie, or at least a TV series

LordCretin: The Attack Of The Giant Granny's 50Foot-Droopers

jupider is no longer marked as AWAY.

jupider: Did I miss anything?

cowboy: yeah beta is out

<radio> Radiohead RFX Now Playing: Mötley Crüe - Girls Girls Girls

<radio> jupider: It's my favorite band, MAPtley CrAve!

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