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Welcome To The Official Wiki For Paradox! The Musical

Dorisday, 4th Mork 2036 - 9:34 AM

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Attention all new users,(and current ones) please read the New User Portal, Advanced User Portal, and the Established Standards pages before editing the wiki. Even more information can be found on the Documentation page. We are streamlining the wiki in order to get ready for BETA and there are changes that all players need to be aware of. So please take a few minutes of your time and read the documentation. Happy Spading!

Today in Paradox History

January 16

2008: Added (limited) avatar support

2010: A ridiculously large number of changes have finally made it through testing (thanks testers!) and have been rolled out here. If all's well, you won't actually notice any difference, except that the game might be a little bit more responsive, and it's definitely a lot more secure. Exciting stuff, isn't it? In other news, last month's Limited Edition Item has had its drop mechanic modified, and a few things have been tweaked here and there.

  • If anyone is having trouble logging on (and is reading this), please refresh your browser. There have been some security-related changes to the way the game handles logging in which might cause a problem for some people the first time if they're still using the old login page.
  • There is currently an issue with older versions of the Safari web browser, at least on Mac OS. I'll fix it as soon as I can work out how.
  • The issue with Safari should now be fixed, BUT you may need to refresh your browser (again) to make sure you're using the latest version of everything, and maybe log out and back in again. Any further issues (after you've tried that) please let me know.

Know of something else that happened on this day? Add it here!

This Month's Featured Article


One of the basic functions of the game even the newest player learns in their newbie quest is about equipment. Consisting of a wide variety of clothing such as: bling, off-hand items, rings, shoes, shirts, pants etc... these items will improve your characters survival chances the better it is. Equipment can be obtained in various ways in the game from purchasing them in the Moolah Rouge Mall to acquiring them from defeated opponents. Also the equipment can grant a wide selection of bonuses include non-combat orientated gains. Such as adding turns to intermission or lowering the price of NPC bought items. So check your equipment on your character every time you log on to make sure you have the correct items equipped before you adventure, and when you are ready for intermission.

Who, What, Why?

This site is made for the players of the MMORPG Paradox! The Musical and is the OFFICIAL Wiki for the game.

Here you can find very helpful links, item descriptions, and many more useful details about the game.

Game URL: Paradox! The Musical

Note: Even though this is the OFFICIAL Wiki, it is not created or maintained by the game developers, Rather, it is run by a small group of volunteers, with the approval of the game developers, and is accessible to everyone. Hooray!


Are you new to Paradox? Or maybe just need some pointers on the basics without wanting to sift through tons of information and/or be subject to spoilers. The Paradox team has attempted to provide us with as much documentation as they can to help you get started, so please check it out!


References need spading!

The game contains a massive number of pop-culture references still to be found. Almost everything has at least one, and many things have several. If you're looking for something to do, feel free to browse through the wiki and see how many you can spot, then go right ahead and add them in the appropriate section.

Wiki wacky taffies are available to be given out to those that contribute.


Just for fun (because he doesn't have enough to do) Gobberwart has very kindly written a search plugin, which allows you to search this Wiki directly from Firefox or IE7's Search Bar. Yay.

You can find the plugin here.


Need help editing the wiki? There are several pages that include step by step instructions on how to edit and create the various kinds of pages that can be found on this wiki. Check them out here!.

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