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Listed below is a summary of common games that can be played while in chat and during monthly moderator events.


Cry Chupacabra

HOW TO JOIN: Send a pmail or PM to the host saying that you want to join.


Chupa's objective: To kill everyone

Villager's objective: To get rid of the chupacabra

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Usually more than eight


If the chupa wins, s/he gets the pot.

If the villagers win, they split the prize.

INFO: The game operates in two stages, usually designated "night" and "day". During the night, the chupa chooses someone to kill and PMs the choice to the host. The host then announces who was killed to start the day stage, where the villagers then vote who they think the chupa is. Whoever the villagers vote on is killed, but if they got the wrong person, the game moves back into night and the chupa kills another villager, and the loop continues.


  • Seer/Watchman: Observe actions of players. Will be told findings, and can tell others who is the Werewolf if he sees the Werewolf killing
  • Role Revealer: Once per evening may PM the host to ask if a certain player is the Killer. Sometimes the Role Revealer also can discover what roles the non-Killers have.
  • Defender: Once per evening may PM the host a player to protect from harm.
  • Vigilante: Can bypass the mob, generally once per game, to kill whoever they want.
  • Judge: Has 2 votes

Double or Nothing

HOW TO JOIN: PM the host.


PRIZE: Double the bet (or double/quadruple/etc.)

INFO: The host will ask in chat if anyone would like to play. PM the host your bet to play. The bet usually has a minimum and maximum bet (like 10k-50k). Then the host rolls a 1d2 public in games chat. If the result is 1, the host wins the bet. If the result is 2, the player wins the bet and has the chance to go "double or nothing" and play again with the new bet (double the original bet). If they decide to go "double or nothing" they can potentially make more money but are more likely to lose.

Infinite Rick Roll Game

Rules: Roll till you choose to stop or you hit a fail or you get the Token Item. Each time you pass the 100 roll, you get 5K moolah cumulatively multiplied by 5. 5K, 25K, 125K, so on, so if you passed two times, you get 25K total, not 30K. Hitting a Fail results in losing all prizes, however all prizes won through passing 100 will be yours even if hit a Fail up to 250K. The game starts with a 1d5 and adds 5 every time you roll. 1d5, 1d10, 1d15, so on.

Game Board:
2:not-at-all-magic marker
4:burn cream
6:fake beard
7:wedge of cheese
8:smoked halibut
9:mixed olives
11:leprechaun hat
12:leprechaun waistcoat
13:leprechaun britches
14:leprechaun boots
16:brimstone toast
17:saucy bits o' crumpet
18:intricate silver ring
19:sturdy gold ring
21:Almost, but not entirely, unlike chicken soup
22:Dixon Cider (TM)
23:Dixon Cider (TM) spider
25:1K moolah
26:spare eye
27:sulfur pop tart
28:funny mushroom mish mash
29:Basketful of mushrooms
31:saucy tart
32:pickle ice-cream
33:Dixon Premium Chocolate Egg
34:Hug-O-Matic hug voucher
37:nutty banana
38:banana milkshake
39:Artery Hardener
41:festive drink
42:festive drink
43:festive drink
44:festive drink
46:bunny pop
47:bunch of candied carrots
48:X-D specs
49:Wiki Wacky Taffy
50:1K moolah
51:candy corn
53:salty chocolate popcorn balls
54:pineapple linguine
57:deep-fried pig's ear ravioli
58:langoustine sorbet
59:asparagus fairy floss
61:artery hardener
62:banana milkshake
63:artery hardener
64:banana milkshake
66:artery hardener
67:banana milkshake
68:artery hardener
69:banana milkshake
71:festive drink
72:festive drink
73:festive drink
74:festive drink
75:1K moolah
76:dixon cider spider
77:dixon cider spider
78:dixon cider spider
79:dixon cider spider
81:dixon cider spider
82:dixon cider spider
83:dixon cider spider
84:dixon cider spider
86:1K moolah
87:1K moolah
88:1K moolah
89:1K moolah
91:5K moolah
92:10K moolah
93:25K moolah
94:50K moolah

Sweet Lemonade Walk

HOW TO JOIN: Send a pmail or PM to the host/ hostess saying that you want to join.

OBJECTIVE: Players predict where the host will end up after drinking a Sweet Lemonade (getting the Pretty Much Lost effect) and using ten turns.


USUAL PRIZE: Varies. Up to the host. A set prize is typically given for each time a player’s prediction comes up. (such as 10,000 moolah)

INFO: Players send a pmail or a PM to the host predicting the location that he/ she feels the host will get to after drinking a Sweet Lemonade and having the Pretty Much Lost effect for ten turns.

The host can either have the players choose one area for the whole game, or can ask players to resubmit if they would like after each turn.

The host can also decide how specific the players need to be. One host uses the following as a guide: Cafeteria The Carnival Charlie Gardens Memorial Park The Cluttered Closet Cafeteria DQS Kitchens DQS Research Lab (it may be requested that players specify which lab: (Astrophysiologymnometrics Lab, Exointrinsicbiotechnomystifics Lab, Geospatiodynamostatics Lab, or Ultraspatiotemporalanomalistics Lab) Junkyard The Long Wood Wessonian Museum Library Zweit-Childer Mine

Other hosts want a specific encounter. It is up to the host to tell the players how specific they need to be.

The host tells the players where he/ she lands for the ten turns either on each turn or after all ten turns are used. Prizes are then given to the winners.

Guess My Number

Version 1

HOW TO JOIN: Send a pmail or PM to the host saying that you want to join.

OBJECTIVE: Be the first player to guess the exact number that the host is thinking of.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 or more USUAL PRIZE: Varies INFO: The players take turns guess a number within the range the host gives as criteria. After each number is guessed, the host will state the new range that the number falls between. (For example if it starts off between 1 and 500, and the first person says 200, the host will reply “the number is between 201 and 500” and this will continue until someone guesses the exact number.

Version 2

Guess my number: closest to my number HOW TO JOIN: Send a pmail or PM to the host saying that you want to join.

OBJECTIVE: Be the player to guess number closest to the number that the host is thinking of.



INFO: The players send their number to the host via PM or pmail. Once all players have given their prediction, the host will do a public dice roll within the range that was specified. Whoever guessed the number that is closest to the number rolled wins.

Random Dice Roll

HOW TO JOIN: The host may do random dice rolls for all players meeting a certain criteria. Sometimes it is as simple as just being in chat. Sometimes it may be that a player needs to send a PM to the host saying something.

Objective: Have your number rolled by the host



INFO: /roll Usage: /roll xdy [public] • Perform a dice roll, where x is the number of dice and y is the number of sides each die has. • If public is specified, display results to everyone in chat, otherwise send results privately. • Values for x and y must be between 1 and 999. Example: /roll 2d8 public Result: Result of rolling 2d8 for PLAYERNAME is 4


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